This is a rough iteration on the Slitherss fight, that I intend to polish. I'm really excited to have this out :) 

Have a nice day, everyone!

## [0.0.6] - 2020-04-01
### Added
- Juice School can now be returned to
- New boss: Mrs. Slitherss
- The sky is now actually made of plywood
- Giant weapons on fog giants

### Changed
- The Draginslayer has been moved

### Fixed
- Compass discoloration when looking straight horizontally


## [0.0.6a]
### Fixed
- Draginslayer can now be grabbed as soon as fight ends
- Hurtness effect reduced

## [0.0.6b]
### Fixed
- Cheats accidentally enabled in 0.0.6a disabled

## [0.0.6c]
### Changed
- Morningstar spike burst no longer costs energy
- Shovel is arm and wrist strength lessened (more for floppyness), damage buffed 1->1.3f

### Fixed
- Mrs Slitherss no longer puts up with being smacked first in either encounter
- Mrs Slitherss now maintains proper posture until fighting starts
- Bug with monster deactivation/activation in the Evil Cave


Juice Galaxy 64-Bit 171 MB
Version 0.0.6 Apr 01, 2020
Juice Galaxy 32-Bit 167 MB
Version 0.0.6 Apr 01, 2020
Juice Galaxy Linux 64-Bit 169 MB
Version 0.0.6 Apr 01, 2020
Juice Galaxy Mac 177 MB
Version 0.0.6b Apr 01, 2020

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This is my favorite update,because I'm able to get revenge on mrs. slitherss

honestly my favorite game on itchio. next to seaquest1992  this game is way more fun tho.  like the latest editions altho it makes it way quicker to max everything out. Keep up the good work man. fun as hell.

i think at the end of the game you should know the true meaning of juice because mrs.slitherss mentions that

I maxed everything, hooray


Hi fishlicka, i have to say that i just love your game so much for real and that i thought if it could be possible that someday you could add a multiplayer mode to the game, it would be so much fun


R.I.P Mrs. Slithers may her juice find peace. 


it cant find peace if i drink it


You made me so sad with Mrs. Slitherss death... I used my floppy little torso to cradle her lifeless head as the music played to its end. She was my teacher... my only guidance in this eery nightmare fever dream world, and now she's gone... ;'(

Who will I make proud with my discoveries in the fog? Who will kill me with laser eyes when I misbehave? 

For real though I love how you did her fight and played on the fact the player has a default soft-spot for Mrs. Slitherss because she's the first character that actually speaks with audible words to you in the game. 

I pushed her body off and into the abyss, hoping she'd land in the graveyard and I could bury her, but alas she despawned when I got far enough down. :( 

Please consider letting me bury my beloved Juice Teacher in the next update and have her body be able to transition into the new endless-world environment below the school. Keep up the great work <3

omg yes there should be an option to spare her or to d r i n k h e r j u i c e and if you spare her you get to put her into a grave in the real plane


very sad Ms. Slithers death  ;( 

(but great music after killing her)

(1 edit)

There's some bug on Linux that causes the game to go black, the overlays still show up but the game  won't render until you restart the game, works fine on mac though.

Edit: Pixelation effect is also broken. :(


I would pay $5 for this on steam if it continues to get updates.

Any chance for this to be on Mac?


yeah it's on mac! check the downloads and you should be able to find it :)



if you dont kill ingot at the start he shows up in the grave yard

didn't work for me. 


try entering a portal

you might need to make a new game

who is ingot? Is he the bat?



hes the guy you hit with the morningstar


i fought and defeated mrs slithers. quite challenging boss fight:)


rip draginslayer


you can still get it if you fly upwards from the grave yard


i love the new boss fight is not just a guy trowing "something" at you and it is also a character whit an actual story the ending is very sad


Best dev <3

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