0.2.5 ~ Wild Ruins, Derptera, and OST Vol. 2

Hello! After a couple months of work this update is finally done!

This update adds 70 new structures to the outer wildnerness, and a whole new OST album worth of ambient tracks that play in the background! We also get a pretty freaky and formidable new monster, the Derptera.

My main goal was to spice up the wilderness with some new content. The video details how I set up a pipeline to acquire and adapt assets to be used as ruins of civilization out in the wilderness. This is just one small step in the direction I want to head in order to fill out this barren world.

The update introduces some fancy new software tricks, so please let me know if there are any new bugs or problems that you experience! You can comment here, on the youtube video, or email JuiceGalaxyBugs@gmail.com

The OST Volume 2 can be found on Youtube and Bandcamp here:


## [0.2.5a]
### Removed
- Derptera that often spawns in graveyard (lool)
## [0.2.5]
### Added
- New Monster: Derptera
- New 3D overworld compass with extra hands for things
- Many new structures in wilderness with items
- 3d model import functionality (.glb/gltf)
### Changed
- Improved Frolg animation
- Slowed down spawning growth of giant monsters
- Increased minimum monster size
- Increased player floppyness when harmed
- Improved Batty physics and cutscene
- Altered Dragins' eye colors
### Fixed
- Increased minimum volume of electric arcs
- Glitch causing main menu to freeze

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~FOR FISHLICKA (but you can read too)~  is it just me or is this game getting even better with every new update? i mean when it first released it was a funny, twisted and goofy little game and it was amazing but now it is a complete masterpeice and should win an award for being possibly the funniest game on the earth :D

Nice... also nice to see it got an update


Sooo... How will you react to the Unity changes?

the villagers should have long elephant trunks


villager mechanic sound like it could be huge,, cant wait, great to see steam coming, it really doesnt seem like three years ago that the car was new and exciting haha time flies

Is story coming soon?


Found the structures from the video:

Your juice creature looks sick as hell! How did you manage to get the texture so accurate to the model? XD


Whoa! I can't wait to play it!


for some reason structures aren't spawning for me do they spawn at a certain distance?


Oh no! You need to travel out past about monster lvl 30 before they start spawning. If it is truly bugged, then you'll be able to find roads out in the wilderness that start and stop at flat empty areas, where the buildings are supposed to spawn. 

If you find these empty areas, please let me know!

sup my man. keep up the good work (:


I'm super happy to see that you're still working on this project! Keep it up :)