0.2.0 ~ Car + Creator reworks

Hello, this update is two-in-one! The Car and Evil Cabin have both received some well needed attention.

The car is no longer invincible.

It has its own healthbar. The (metallic...?) plywood now crumples as you take damage, and the car will explode and eject you when its health reaches zero. I've also implemented the car stunt system, which gives you a score based on flip count, variety, and distance traveled. Do stunts to repair your car.

This leads to a new bossfighting pattern of ramming the boss and then doing some sick stunts to heal up before doing it again, I think it's decent! In future updates I will make it so that the car can be upgraded. Flamethrower exhaust and auto-turrets come to mind ;)

The Creator finally received a bit of love.

Creator was the first boss I made, and has been janky for a loooong time. For this update, I scrapped his old code and animated him from the ground up. He's still the same dude. He still shoots pollywogs and trash talks, but I gave him a couple new moves that should make him a serious challenge to the unprepared.

I've also made some renovations to the cellar cave to improve the experience. There were some rookie level design mistakes resulting in confused players, as well as optimization problems making the game run poorly down there.

I also fixed some goofy issues.

Besides the two big changes noted above, I've tweaked and fixed a lot of small things to raise the overall quality of the game to what I consider a bare minimum level of polish. That is why I think this is a good time to call the game 0.2.0 instead of 0.1.22

After the dust has settled, and I've diagnosed whatever new bugs this update introduces, I plan to move forward with the story. I truly can't wait to reach that point!

## [0.2.0]
### Added
 - Car now takes damage
    - Has its own health bar
    - Explodes when health reaches zero
 - Car stunt system
    - Stunts heal car damage
    - Scores by # and variety of flips * distance,
      score reduced if not landed on wheels
    - Pleasant honk when stunt accomplished
    - Doubled car roll velocity for more flips
    - Overheal temporarily boosts rocket strength
 - Car tire screech/collision sounds
 - New 'vertex damage' shader to show car health
 - New message system logs underneath health bars
 - Evil trapdoor squeaks cutely now
### Changed
 - Reworked Evil Cave and Creator bossfight
    - Creator has three different attacks
    - Creator ragdoll animation improved
    - Adjusted Evil Cave spawns, structure, and aesthetic
    - Creator's plane improvements
    - Evil Cave boss music pitch bending during fight
    - Signy dialog updated in Evil Cave
    - Performance improvements
 - Crazy Juice Hair 3D model improved
 - Doubled car turning radius at low velocities
 - Enlarged health/energy bars
 - Car 3D model improved
 - Improved pollywog model + animation
 - It is now much harder for enemies to hurt each other by accident
### Fixed
 - Fixed possible spooky gamepad inputs while gamepad disabled
 - Enabled vsync on Low and Very Low qualities (same as others)
 - Player is now invincible in main menu
 - Savefiles that died in main menu can now be loaded again
 - Lowered collision sound volume on Ball n Chain
 - Bosses spawned via console no longer scale in size
 - Hellgrazer physics fixed
 - Car wheels now detect and resolve when they are stuck underground


Juice Galaxy 64-Bit 171 MB
Version 0.2.0 Nov 04, 2022
Juice Galaxy 32-Bit 167 MB
Version 0.2.0 Nov 04, 2022
Juice Galaxy Linux 64-Bit 169 MB
Version 0.2.0 Nov 04, 2022
Juice Galaxy Mac 177 MB
Version 0.2.0 Nov 04, 2022

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INGOT AS HIS CLONE!?!??!?!?!?! ALSO (a.k.a also another one of my skins lol)

(1 edit)

um if anyone wants me to make them a custom skin comment on any of my posts and I will try to respond and make it to the best of my ability lol

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screen shot of ms slithers and HER CLONE?!?!?!?!? (a.k.a the skin I made of her lol)

Are Wawsp nests randomly generated or are they just not in this version.

Because I can't find one

There is just one that can be found by talking to Hoagen or following the second road from his mushroom. They used to spawn infinitely in the wild though.

hreat game


I just now created an account on itch.io but i have been following this game and downloading each update since the start of your journey! I love the Juice and Juice is life. The only thing i would ask from you is to make more odd and bizarre friendly npcs with weird sidequests. In the beginning you only had like 4 npcs and they were/are all hella weird, (and you have obviously made more) but i would love if you had more still. This game has such character and appeal because of its weird vibe and soundtrack, but the strange and somewhat demented npcs make it so much richer. Love your work and i will continue to check up every few weeks! <3

I appreciate it! I will def be working on fleshing out the current NPCs and adding new ones, and having them interact with each other. I will continue doin my best, thanks!

I'm not sure why more games haven't used a "do cool tricks to heal your vehicle" system. Blowtorches are downright plebeian in comparison!

Great stuff here, as usual. Hope you're doing well!




awesome epic update


Nice update but you can’t stop me for doing the speedrun.

Don't do it! Definitely don't lemme know if you find any cool strats!

Deleted 1 year ago