0.1.21 ~ Special Juice, Car Item

Hello everyone!

This update brings some changes to the inventory system in the form of Usable Items, a right-click menu, and some aesthetic improvements.

I've added 10 new types of special crafting juice for modifying items, and made the car into an item that can be picked up and also modified.

New Juice types for crafting:

  • Damage:      Hard/Soft Juice
  • Knockback:      Bouncy/Squishy Juice
  • Mass:      Heavy/Light Juice
  • Scale:      Big/Tiny Juice
  • Electric Damage:      Arcing Juice
  • Fire Damage:      Searing Juice
  • Color Shift:      Prismatic Juice

These new juice types can be found by killing the local fauna, or spawned via console. They have their own effects applied to them, so if you touch a blob of Arcing Juice for example, it will electrocute you.

They merely craft for now, but I'm thinking they may be ammo for Juice Guns in the future :)

I made a quick spreadsheet of the diminishing returns of juice droplet crafting to help explain:

## [0.1.21a]
### Fixed
 - No longer spawn duplicate car in Wawsp Hive
 - Car spawned at game start no longer vanish after traveling distance
## [0.1.21]
### Added
 - Usable/consumable item system
 - Right-click menu in inventory
 - Crafting items:
   - Hard Juice
   - Soft Juice
   - Bouncy Juice
   - Squishy Juice
   - Heavy Juice
   - Light Juice
   - Big Juice
   - Tiny Juice
   - Prismatic Juice
   - Arcing Juice
   - Searing Juice
 - Car is now an item and can be buffed w/ juice
### Changed
 - New Juice material
 - Weapon mods now scale based on log2(x)
 - Grimoires can no longer spawn with the color shift mod
 - Doll collision damage is less for doll moving faster
 - Juice attracts to player faster and from farther
 - Inventory graphical improvements
 - Evil Cellar lighting changed from blue/red to purple/orange
### Fixed
 - Loot drops are now briefly intangible to prevent loss
 - Car no longer disables trigger volumes
 - Improved Hoagen walking physics
 - Grappling plunger logic cleaned up


Juice Galaxy 64-Bit 171 MB
Version 0.1.21 Jul 30, 2022
Juice Galaxy 32-Bit 167 MB
Version 0.1.21 Jul 30, 2022
Juice Galaxy Linux 64-Bit 169 MB
Version 0.1.21 Jul 30, 2022
Juice Galaxy Mac 177 MB
Version 0.1.21 Jul 30, 2022

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What happened to the creator update? another question will there be any update halloween

i am currently trying to beat the game on the highest difficulty and it is horrible because everything kills you mostly in one to 2 hits I had to juice myself up  more then  halfway just to beat a singular boss and then their comes how weak you are you barley do any damage so it take like 30 to 40 minutes to just to beat a boss that you would normally be able to beat in less the five minutes  to beat (i have beat the wasp queen, the creator and MS slithers I am currently on dream eater pls hep me)

just beat dream eater onto sargent plunger guy (:

(1 edit)

i beat the game and now swirly d is on the loose (: the pain of playing on level 8 difficulty is unimaginable but I finally completed my goal if anybody else wants to attempt this here are my tips.

1. don't ever stop moving.

2. when you get to Mrs. slithers try to farm the mobs until you get good loot your happy with.

3. try to get a good spell book and a weapon with damage over 8 (my spell book was the intelligent rocks and the fireball book and my weapon was a pineapple that did 3.38 damage and a shovel that was over 10 damage.

4. last one USE THE CAR on ALL the bosses but the wasp queen the car and the spell books will be your BEST FRIEND

anyway, love the game can't wait to attempt this in the future love you fishlike and thank you for making this awesome game (:

maybe if you could add more humanoids or playable characters to the game without affecting the story the only thing that changes is your appearance and I saw the comment in case you were wondering how I knew you said that
It occurs to me that you could add disasters like acid rains or meteor showers or other disasters like whirlpools
Or you could put other Pollywood but they attack from a distance with projectiles like pineapple
you could put explosive barrels that when you hit them they take you out flying or also a parkur style human falt flat or dungeons
It would be great if you add the character doan from the game Ozwomp's Voyage is also in itch.io that game in case you want to look for it
It would be great if you add the Spanish language to the game, another thing would be great if you add an enemy that is a tree with spider legs or an enemy that has a ball with its head and only has one long foot
I came up with an idea for the juice galaxy multiplayer because you don't have to use a program like hamachi or radminvpn to play multiplayer I think it would be easier to do multiplayer because I saw a video of a game made in 24 hours where multiplayer was implemented like this and I'm excited for the next juicy updates I hope they come out soon :D gogle translator

el mejor juego que he visto y jugado

el juego sigue en desarollo?

Sí :) en descanso por ahora pero aún en desarrollo.
- Google Translate

what does this kind of juice do? how do i craft?


Right click the juice in your inventory, click "Use On ..." and then click on the item you want to apply it to! It'll say what each type of juice does if you just hover your mouse over it.


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when my car breaks down irl instead of taking it to a mechanic I wish I could just do some sick flips instead


I can't use the juice on my weapons and hats




I use left alt for POCKET CAR

                                   POCKET CAR