0.1.19 ~ Many Tweaks and Fixes


Swing weapons while flying  /  Anvil hat!  /  Bugfixes

This update has many small changes all over the place. I think it is best to note a couple big ones and just list the small ones so we can all move on haha

The biggest change is that we've upgraded from Unity 2019.3 to 2019.4 LTS, which may fix some of the weird particle and GUI problems we've been having. It also may introduce new bugs so let me know if you find any!

Melee weapons received an overhaul! They hit harder, are heavier, and can be swung in midair. I rewrote their code to conform to existing equipment logic, which fixed some inventory problems and also opens us up to having multi-part weapons later, like flails, nunchaku, and scissors!


  • You can now swing your weapon while flying! Also melee weapons are much heavier and hit harder.
  • Added a super heavy Anvil hat. Kill the Wawsp Queen and open her treasure chest!
  • The Overworld's ground material is now a lot prettier
  • Buffed Wand of Kinesis, and monsters take damage when thrown into ground as intended
  • Some sound effects have been turned down (player footsteps, wand of kinesis)
  • Most explosions now emit light. So does the Flamberge.
  • Weapons no longer spawn with scale < 1
  • New ragdoll stabilization logic, Player is stretchier and can fly way faster
  • Really minimal gamepad support, more to come later!
  • You can now click and hold grappling hook until your crosshair hits a target


  • Potentially fixed the dreaded GUI freakout glitch
  • Players are no longer trapped in Toilet/Dream Realms if they load there (lol sorry!)
  • Weapon no longer dequipped when entering car
  • Weapon no longer dropped when leaving Juice School
  • Car should now always spawn near you in the Overworld
  • No more annoying sounds when equipped items collide with each other

Although most of it was under the hood, this was a huge update. I feel a lot better moving forward with the game now that I've addressed most of the problems that have been tugging at my brain for the last year. I'm looking very much forward to advancing the story now ^^ also have a couple mechanics I'd like to introduce, such as the proposed RPG mechanic overhaul and maybe some creature taming shenanigans!

Hope everyone enjoys, and I'll see you at the next update!

Hotfix A: 
- Draginslayer in room with Wawsp Larvae is fixed


Juice Galaxy Mac 177 MB
Version 0.1.19 Feb 26, 2022
Juice Galaxy Linux 64-Bit 169 MB
Version 0.1.19 Feb 25, 2022
Juice Galaxy 32-Bit 167 MB
Version 0.1.19 Feb 25, 2022
Juice Galaxy 64-Bit 171 MB
Version 0.1.19 Feb 25, 2022

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Been a while since the last update, how're things going my dude? 


Doing good! Ty for asking. Got busy with irl stuff and haven't been very vocal about next update. 0.1.20 looks like its coming out very soon and then updates should come pretty regularly again.

Glad to hear that! 

I have an idea, if it isn't a hassle. I know how annoying Unity multiplayer is, I've tried it, but have you thought of making Juice Galaxy multiplayer? it would genuinely fit the game, in my opinion

idea: juice village.  villages that have npcs. if villagers realize that you are terrorizing the village, they will create mobs. thats just an idea.

I agree, I've been thinking a lot about villages. I like the idea of them creating an angry mob, we'll see!

Hello fishlicka. I dont know where else i can ask for help so im just gonna ask here. Im playing on windows juice world and its fun. But for some reason i cant move my camera and always look into one direction. Can u maybe help me?

(2 edits)

I had an idea, so they're these lava clouds (or electric clouds) that can hurt you if you fly into them (but they would have a chance of spawning the higher the monster level is)  so people who are maxed out on flying wouldn't just travel that way, and maybe they would want to use the car instead. side note: I know a lot of people are coming up with ideas for this game and the only reason I came up with one is because I want to help with the games development in some way.

i remember when pinaple gun was op

and there was no initory

(1 edit)

me too bro me too. that's bringing back some memories back from 2020.

omg same

ive played this from the start ive loved this gave and i hope you go far :D

will you make anymore hats that will effect the character?


Could you make it so passive spells like pet rocks and things that autotarget.

I don’t think they should target mr. Fox… I wanna play in the graveyard and not rise his life.

also monster idea:

Tods related to the Fwogs theses things have the abilty to inflate however they can’t roll so they run towards the player and inflate to deal damage.


Yes the rocks are dumb as hell right now, I'l def work on pet AI soon!

Tods and Fwogs are amazing names and I can imagine a skinny Tod man running at you and inflating, honestly sounds like a ton of fun to program/fight. I may indeed take your idea, thank you!

(1 edit)

oh um I thought Fwogs were the names of the little balloon frogs.

Also I really like the non-Euclidian looping segments of the last update.

And its interesting how characters like Ingot react to beating there leader but the boss doesn’t?

Also Mr. Fox disappears if he takes any amount of damage would be funny if Mr. Fox is like “no more Slurpee” and bounces off for a little mini-quest to find mr. fox’s head in the random structures

what do you think of my idea

A masterpiece I love how the game works and the art style for it


Swinging weapons while flying? It's what I've always wanted! Might not be the flashiest update, but great work, man!

(1 edit)

monster idea: Hambonker ( or bonker)

A hamburger with boxing gloves, he would do a "bit" of a knockback. (just an idea, dont need to be implemented)

(EDIT:Wait, why is everybody posting ideas ¯\(°_o)/¯ , good update btw!)

i think its a pretty good suggestion!!!!

thanks! Yours too!



monster idea: Mankei (monkey) throws poo at you and jumps around

(3 edits) (+1)

idea boss: ingot saw something crash somewhere near the cabin and asks you to go chek it out then when you chek there, it is an alien invasion!!!!!!

new enemmy:  olians

new boss: olian lord

new weapon: olian blaster

LET ME KNOW WHAT YOU THINK!!!! you can add it to your game if you like the idea but i am not forcing you to do it


thank you!! :D


My idea is : add a knife it good for killing mobs that are too powerful

And enemy is: a dragon

And my boss idea is : the golem 

And the structures the volcano

If this is a great idea then add it

If it's a bad idea then it ok


weapon idea: hydra scissors