0.1.18 ~ Gators & New Terrain

Hey, it's been awhile, sorry for the long quiet! I hope everyone has been doing well.

The new terrain engine in this update is much faster and more flexible than the old one. You can now fly VERY fast without outpacing the world generation. As such, I've increased the view radius about 20% ^^ I haven't done much with it yet, but it will be useful for creating caves, lakes, and other things to distinguish the biomes. I'm not done with biomes by a long shot, just wanted to get this update out ASAP.

Signy's WHEELS also work waaaaay better now! I did a lot of work on the car physics this month and fixed a couple bugs causing the car to be unstable. One absolute goof of mine was that we had the sigSlipForwardDecay and sigSlipSideDecay crisscrossed, so the wheel's thought they were going sideways while you were going forward. The car is a lot better and I intend to continue working on it. Flamethrower exhaust, anyone?

This update also includes some fixes for major issues. The main one being the GUI freakout glitch that was introduced in the 0.1.16 sky update, which would glitch out the GUI graphics and make the menu unusable. That was because I was using a cubemap renderer for the old sky and lighting, which isn't supported or stable on everyone's computer. I also fixed the inventory bugs causing players to lose their items.

Next up we'll be working on adding new areas in the wilderness, monsters, items, and some small systems. It definitely wont take as long as this update. 

Enjoy, and happy 2022!


## [0.1.18a]
### Fixed
- Car now spawns at graveyard after falling from School
- Barn floor no longer z-fights with terrain
## [0.1.18]
### Added
- New Monster: Gator
- New Vegetation: Dead Tree, Spikey Bush, Spikey Peanut
- Monster and vegetation spawns are now based on land attributes: alignment, lushness, temperature, monster level, etc
### Changed
- The car is now available from the beginning of the game
- The terrain engine has been reworked to be faster/more flexible
- Parts of the world have been moved around a bit
- Sky renderer has been optimized
- Lighting system no longer renders to custom reflection probe
- Batty is now triggered when the player has 1690 juice, down from 4200
- Monster level now increases 2.5x slower as you move away from world center
### Fixed
- Bug where items dropped due to full inventory would become un-grabbable
- Bug where items dropped into inventory via mouse would simply POOF
- GUI freakout glitch that was introduced in 0.1.16
- Bugs causing the car drive uncontrollably


Juice Galaxy 64-Bit 171 MB
Version 0.1.18a Jan 03, 2022
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Version 0.1.18a Jan 03, 2022
Juice Galaxy Linux 64-Bit 169 MB
Version 0.1.18a Jan 03, 2022
Juice Galaxy Mac 177 MB
Version 0.1.18a Jan 03, 2022

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make it so that xavier is allergic to peanuts

i found abug were the main menu theme song keeps playing when i play the game

Thanks for letting me know! Does this occur frequently?

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sorry to bother but i found out that it wasnt a bug it was just my game that opened up twice so there was two games runing at the same time lol

Lool what a relief, I thought we had a new scene loading bug ^^ thanks!

i hope i dint bother though

Deleted 1 year ago

<3 Thank you 


I get how you're feeling as somebody who doesn't have a way to pay digitally lol. But it would be nice if you recommended this game to other people. Extra points if they're able to donate (assuming that you can't).


luv u


The gators look creepy as fuck, good job, but small update. I don't want to complain or anything.


Interior crocodile alligator, I drive a Chevrolet movie theater.

(Cool stuff here, man! Happy new year.)

ive suddenly thought of this game rn thinking its been long since i've played it and am suddenly blessed to see a lit update


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In regards to the combat comment as it stands it seems ok for now. My only gripe is I wish when you hold down left click it gives you full control of your swinging. If you just swing without holding the left click then it could be all wobbly like usual

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