0.1.17 ~ Quests + Dream Area

After you defeat Mrs. Slitherss, Mr. Fox moves into the Evil Cabin and can be found crashed out on the bed. He won't wake up until you enter his dream and complete a quest for him. I don't want to spoil it for anyone but I am super excited for this update! We also have two new songs for it, by Stewart Keller (formerly Edward K Stuart): Sleep Powder and Dream Eater.

There is now also a quests system! I'll admit it is a little boring, but a necessary step for the future. The story has been translated into seven new 'quests' and a quests panel has been added that lets you view and track quests with waypoints. Quests are given by Ingot, Mr Fox, the Old Man, Hoagen, and the Super Ripped Guy. These quests are designed to guide new players around the world without holding their hands too much.

In the future we'll have better quest rewards (potions, crafting items, armor, powers, etc) and generated quests like bounty hunt and escort missions.


## [0.1.17]
### Added
- New Gear: Pumpkin Head
- New Area: Mr. Fox's Dream
  - [spoilers]
- Mr. Fox moves to the Evil Cabin after you beat Mrs. Slitherss
  - He appears in bed until you complete the Stress Dream quest
- 'Simple Sky' option in settings for a faster skybox 
- Simple Quests: more advanced to come later
  - A Shiny Toy
  - What do I do?
  - Find the Smith
  - Hoagen's Left Hand
  - Herbicide
  - Plumbing Problem
  - Back to School
  - Stress Dream
- Quest tracking via waypoints
- Quests can be managed via Quests panel in the Pause menu
### Changed
- Trees are now 50% larger for easier grappling
- There is now only one Wawsp nest, it spawns near Hoagen
- Crosshair updated to match style of Quest tracking waypoint
- Camera shifted two units up so crosshair appears above head
- Settings 'Reset' button now only resets selected tab
- Rocks are no longer procedural, making them faster but less cool
- Some other stuff I probably forgot
- Scene loading no longer causes appearance that game is frozen 
### Fixed
- Improved Title Screen load time by discarding unused assets
### Removed
- Weapons no longer display their flavortext when equipped
- Hydrangelas no longer spawn babies when killed (for now)


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Version 0.1.17 Oct 23, 2021
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Version 0.1.17 Oct 23, 2021
Juice Galaxy Linux 64-Bit 169 MB
Version 0.1.17 Oct 23, 2021
Juice Galaxy Mac 177 MB
Version 0.1.17 Oct 23, 2021

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Literally made an account just to ask where the heck are other pages from the Stress Dream? I beat the dream eater 3x already, tried to reset, flying around for an hour and found nothing. Please help 😂

They should all be scattered on those stick things surrounding the cabin-- there may be one on top of the roof too, I don't remember.

One trick: they show a little bit through the fog, so you can just try to spy them from far away

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Thanks man, found it. Killed the guy again. Had an idea for the future that'd increase the players quality of life. 

When pressing shift while looking at an item in your inventory, make it show your currently equipped item in that slot ad well. Like for comparison so people can have them side by side to compare and equip the better one without having to re-equip items to check stats. 

P.S. I really love the game. Super trippy and made me laugh a lot just from the voices oc npcs alone. It's super weird, funny, and scary at the same time. 





Deleted post

how do i upgrade the game?


i hope there will be a christmas special to the game


is the dream area suppose to be a halloween special

Deleted 2 years ago
Deleted 2 years ago

good boi

what the fuck


it's sooooo good!

I loved the dream eater character

but there is a bug that still persists in the Linux version where the toilet dimension walls won't load, I have to wait a lot just to be in the darkness

and who tf is koaladog


I just completed Mr. Fox's dream. An impressive addition, sir.

As is the quest system. I strongly like that we can choose to ignore a quest, thus deleting it from the list, if we so choose.

hey can you plz tell me how to get out of the dream world cus when i sleep nothing happens

It has been a while; if/when I ever revisit Juice Galaxy, I'll need to rediscover that myself.

The two guesses that come to mind for me are:

1. You'll have to save your game, then go to the main menu, then reload the game. The juice student should respawn at the fountain in the graveyard; and/or

2. You need to collect the pieces of paper and then (SPOILERS); then either by speaking to Mr. Fox's kid self or by interacting with his bed, you'll be able to return to the world of the waking.


Well guess what, I collected the papers, talked to Kid Mr. Fox and killed the dream eater. When I sleep, nothing happens. It just makes me unable to walk.


just start a new game so that the IRL world loads up and then load your original game. you should be able to exit the dream now.


Bro where are the pages 😂

I love LOVE how this has grown to slowly become a surreal RPG. Every time an update comes out I get so hype XD


same lol

To be fair, I wouldn't say JG is an RPG. Right now it's a three-dimensional action/fighting game with some trace platforming elements.

when i accepted the ms. slithers quest this happened along with a couple weird things as well when i hit enemies or fly around don't know if this is exclusive to that quest but the others seemed fine

this happened as well

Woah, that's a lot of great stuff!

the toilet world is completely black and its hard to go through the maze

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(also, wow, this is a big update from the looks of things! great work man.)


Oh, and out of curiosity, is Mr. Fox's new voice sourced from your dog/the dog that you can hear in the background, or...?