0.1.16 ~ Guns Update + Worm Gun

I reworked guns this update to add some quality of life features. Guns now fire continuously. They always aim in the direction you are looking, even while flying. Hold the left shift to auto-target monsters and guns will fire at the target. Guns that use this new system include:

  • Ordinary Pineapple
  • Rubber Ball Cannon
  • Stinger Missile Launcher
  • Grappling Plunger
  • Tiny Sun
  • Worm Gun

I also added a Worm Gun that shoots worms made of rubber balls. It is an interesting mechanic. I'll probably add some more new guns soon, been thinking a lot about classic shooter weapons like assault rifles and shotguns ^^

The grappling plunger has been updated to target anything you click on instead of just monsters, and the plunger is much faster to enable more agile swinging. I've really been enjoying swinging around on the fog giants and will keep this in mind while designing new areas.

This update also attempts to fix a GUI glitch introduced by the sky update. If your GUI glitches out, try setting Sky Ambient Strength to 0. Send me a bug report if problems persist, this is proving to be a tricky bug to isolate and fix!

Thank you and happy Friday!

## [0.1.16]
### Added
- a Worm Gun, it shoots bouncy worms!
### Changed
- Guns now fire continuously while mouse is held
- Guns and Tiny Sun now auto-target if left shift is held
- Nerfed most gun damage ~33%
- Grappling Plunger projectile now travels 3x faster
### Fixed
- Sky Ambient Strength set to 0 by default until GUI glitch has been eliminated
- May have fixed GUI freakout glitch
- Grappling Plunger no longer leaps to new targets while shift is held


Juice Galaxy 64-Bit 171 MB
Version 0.1.16 Sep 10, 2021
Juice Galaxy 32-Bit 167 MB
Version 0.1.16 Sep 10, 2021
Juice Galaxy Linux 64-Bit 169 MB
Version 0.1.16 Sep 10, 2021
Juice Galaxy Mac 177 MB
Version 0.1.16 Sep 10, 2021

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can you help how do you play it fishlicks?

Deleted post

great development, keep it up <3

where does the worm gun appear??


It just drops eventually from any mob


Maybe next update we could dual wield the grappling plungers?


I cant wait until this game is fully released so I can play it again. I played like 10 updates ago and it was great!

I really recommend trying it again! It's changed so so much since then especially because that was around a year ago. The game has grown a lot and I bet it'll grow a lot more so don't be scared to spoil the full release by playing this update because it'll probably change a load more.

I will definitely give it another go someday. I love this game!


A baby bottle with a mouth? Suuurrrre :) Though I'm really hoping the worm gun starts to shoot actual worms soon, that would be fun! XD Time to boot up the game to throw myself around tho


I noticed that you weren't taking much damage from flinging yourself into the ground with the grappling plunger...did impact damage get reduced at some point, or were you in godmode?

In any case, very exciting developments here. Best of luck with ironing out the bugs!


Yes, I must've disabled it at some point lol. I might bring it back for one of the challenges or difficulty levels, and thank you! :)


me rn ------> :))))))


Lets gooooooo