0.1.15 ~ Grappling Plunger, Sky, Audio, Misc

Hello everyone!

While most of the work this update when into creating a new sky system, and redoing all the custom-lit areas, I am equally excited to announce the:


We have a grappling plunger! It sits in your right hand so that you can use it with another weapon. I think it will work great for tankier melee builds when character builds are more of a thing. Hooking trees is also an interesting way to get around. We will see how the item evolves with the game.

I also wrote a new dynamic sky/fog system that greatly improves the aesthetic of the game, and lets me change the lighting scheme depending on the area. This will be good to help distinguish areas in the future. 

BCFRecords created some dank new sound effects for meteor, tiny sun, gravity sphere, kinesis, and a twinkling juice sound for when you regurgitate juice.

I also added a new hat. :)

That's it for this update. Next I want to enhance replayability with divergent character builds (i.e. melee vs ranged) and do some quality of life stuff to get ready for a steam release. Namely controller support. I hope everyone has a good time until then ^^

Hotfix 0.1.15a:

  • Grappling plunger can now hook onto ANYTHING
    • Hold 'shift' to have it auto target monsters/corpses
  • Fixed bugs when dequipping Grappling Plunger
  • Disabled binding some hotkeys for items: W, A, S, D, I, Space, Escape


Juice Galaxy 64-Bit 171 MB
Version 0.1.15 Aug 26, 2021
Juice Galaxy 32-Bit 167 MB
Version 0.1.15 Aug 26, 2021
Juice Galaxy Linux 64-Bit 169 MB
Version 0.1.15 Aug 26, 2021
Juice Galaxy Mac 177 MB
Version 0.1.15 Aug 26, 2021

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I would love to have skills especially melee ones. A grand slam sounds so satisfying to use.


a second version of the grappling plunger that you could use a weapon the you aim yourself would be cool and i really like the new sky effects


Man I'm really loving this game so far, and your ideas for the future sound amazing as well, I hope everything goes well for you as far as developing it all. Really really looking forward to even more cool stuff implemented in the future. :)


Thank you, I'm really glad to hear it :)

YOOOOOOOOO this looks so cool


New challenge appears!:Rebinding keys for gamepads

will there be a ground shader



i knew it would be the next update i saw a video of it


welp time to commit arson in style B)