0.1.14 ~ Branching Dialog

Good afternoon :) I've had more time to work lately and have gotten some good stuff done. Things like this may seem small but took a lot of changes under the hood, and will lead to great things in the future.

There is a new dialog system where you can actually choose a response! It is going to be crucial for the quest system as well as the overall story of the game, and also makes the characters feel more realistic and is generally more fun.

Next update should be soon! I'm excited to work on the world now, either by adding items, quests, locations, or separating monsters into new biomes. Not sure what will come first but I have my eye on biomes finally. Have a good weekend!


## [0.1.14a] 
### Fixed 
 - Ingot no longer freeze camera when killed during dialog
## [0.1.14]
### Added
 - New dialog system, where player and NPCs can actually converse
### Changed
 - Updated dialog and added dialog options for:
   - Ingot: Juice School, Graveyard
   - Signy: Graveyard, Pollywog Fog Giant, Evil Cave, Hive
   - Mr. Fox
   - Old Man
   - Super Ripped Guy
   - Hoagen
   - Angrito
   - Wawsp Queen
   - Hydrangela
- Monsters now back off while player is in dialog (lol)
### Fixed
 - All of Signy's eyes follow the player
 - Lighting issues in the Toilet Realm
 - Can no longer pick up items while game is paused
 - Q and E are both disabled as hotkeys
 - Weapons, spells, and hotkeys are disabled during dialog
### Removed
 - Signy from Lanky fog giant

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I sometimes lose my item and i don't know why it happens mid flight :c. Other than that, great update keep up the good work!


aye, nice! I have friends now!!

: |

Im so lonely. . .




Whoever chooses [Leave] in the saloon is a heartless monster. I mean, come on, who could say no to that face?