0.1.12 ~ Cuddlebug, Item Colors, Bug Reports, Fixes

Hello! There are a few extra notable changes in this update:

  • Spoidah has been reworked as the Cuddlebug and re-added to the game (no you can't ride it (yet))
  • An elite Cuddlebug known as Lord Snuggles spawns at the Cabin after the Creator is defeated
  • Items can spawn with random colors in the same way elite monsters do

And a few less exciting changes:

  • All items can now be spawned using the console
  • There is now a Bug Report feature in the settings menu
  • The game's changelog can be read by clicking the version number in the main menu

Rare items can spawn with alternate colors

New cuddlebug monster type

I think next update will involve armor changes (add resistance instead of making head invulnerable) and quests or stackable items. We'll see what ends up getting done. Have a good week!

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Full changelog below:

## [0.1.12] 
### Added
- Game now has an icon! (finally)
- Rare items can now spawn with a shifted color palette
- New monster: Cuddlebug (it's very cute)
- Unique cuddlebug Lord Snuggles added to Evil Cabin after Creator defeated
- Bug Report button has been added to Settings menu
- Clicking version number in main menu now opens the Changelog

### Changed
- Console can now spawn all items, and spawn level can be specified
- Pushed Hydrangela spawns to monster level 7+ to get her away from the Evil Cabin

### Fixed
- Thicckened walls of Evil Cabin so that Player should no longer get stuck as often
- Disabled 'K' hotkey to destroy all spawned monsters in Overworld


Juice Galaxy 64-Bit 122 MB
Version 0.1.12 Jun 28, 2021
Juice Galaxy 32-Bit 119 MB
Version 0.1.12 Jun 28, 2021
Juice Galaxy Linux 64-Bit 123 MB
Version 0.1.12 Jun 28, 2021
Juice Galaxy Mac 120 MB
Version 0.1.12 Jun 28, 2021

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what is the next update, Fishlicka?

hopfully it will have a new boss

hey will you have a merch


I'm really excited about more unique monsters coming to the game! I feel like most people don't know about them or appreciate them, and more would always be a treat


I don't have arachophobia but I really do not want to cuddle the cuddle bugs-

yhea and i kinda wanna see a wawsp queen fighting a cuddle bug

(1 edit) (+2)

You mentioned quests system, maybe restricts how far you can go in the wilderness unless you complete the main area quests? then once that's done, players can go out and do all the wilderness quests. 

I dunno, I saw a quest system like that somewhere, can't put my finger on it.


how about a bigger backpack as an item?

not a bad idea


What if there was a generated structure or something that would be where the Cuddlebugs spawn, like a giant web (or something), and there were little egg-sacs that, when destroyed, would spit out a bunch of little Cuddlebugs or "Baby Cuddlebugs", similar to the crate on top of the Old Man's store? That could be kinda cool


lol it would be awsome if mr fox actually made a store


is lord snuggles a boss in your opinion


Naw, I'd call him a unique since he has his own AI. Might give him some boss moves later though, then yeah he'd be one.

(1 edit)

if he was a boss i would give him just a crown so that he would look different from the other cuddlebuggs

i think it would be cool if u made it so u can download the older versions


You can select any version if you use the itch.io app. You just right click the game, click Manage, and Switch to another version. Good luck!


Well, I'm glad you made those cabin walls "thiccker." Good work, man, and I hope the home renovations are going well!


Thank you, yes they are!

(1 edit)

yhea i was tired of getting stuck in those walls too