0.1.9 ~ Wawsp Nests

It took longer than I meant :| but I built some new game systems and learned a lot about 3d modeling, AI, and monster creation workflows in the process. At the very least, I think the Queen has turned out pretty well and will serve as challenge for those of you that have been looking for some more difficulty, as well as a new character that I love.

New content ~ Wawsp nests can be found out in the wilderness. New monsters, items, and a boss have been added to the game!

Balance changes ~ Monsters have been given 'burst armor' again, meaning the more damage they've taken in the last couple seconds, the more damage resistance they'll have. This is to prevent bosses from being melted too easily.

New effects ~ Screen Space Ambient Occlusion can be enabled in the settings, it still needs work but looks pretty good in some areas. We have magma now too!

Fixes ~ Car is heavier and drives a bit better. I was also able to finally fix Mrs. Slitherss, by making her stretchy, so her body glitches out less.

Next order of business ~ Item swapping via hotkeys, a world map, quest system, and spells. Surely that won't be hard xD I hope everyone is doing well.

The wawsp boss music was made in collab with Edward K Stuart and myself, with some tweaking by BCFRecords. It can be found on SoundCloud and Youtube.

## [0.1.9a] 
### Fixed 
- Wawsps' prey floating alone in midair the tunnel 
- Wawsp Queen track hyperlink in menu
## [0.1.9] 
### Added 
- Wawsp Nests can be found out in the wilderness     
    - New monsters, Wawsp, Wawsp Larva, Wawsp Queen boss     
    - New weapons: Stinger Missile Launcher, Raptorial Blade     
    - New helmet: Wawsp Queen's Head
    - Magma: lights things on fire and repels them 
- Ambient occlusion effect in settings menu 
- When landing at high speeds, Player will slow self down and emit dust clouds  
### Changed 
- Monster have 'burst armor' again, making it harder to one-shot them 
- Car is heavier, drives a bit better 
- Gamepad support toggle setting, disabled by default 
- Title Menu is pretty 
- Explosions can harm player inside car  
### Fixed 
- Arm no longer gets stuck behind your back 
- Mrs Slitherss is stretchy now, which mostly fixes her body freakout glitch


Juice Galaxy 64-Bit 171 MB
Version 0.1.9 Apr 03, 2021
Juice Galaxy 32-Bit 167 MB
Version 0.1.9 Apr 03, 2021
Juice Galaxy Linux 64-Bit 169 MB
Version 0.1.9 Apr 03, 2021
Juice Galaxy Mac 177 MB
Version 0.1.9 Apr 03, 2021

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Very nice update. Havent found a nest yet but looks cool. You should add fish. I made a comment about them just search it. great game


I think it would be kinda cool to have random puddles of magma in the wilderness, here and there. just as a kind of "obstacle" (heavy quotations.) anyways, great update. love this game, hoping for the new quests, and a world map sounds pretty cool too ^^ spells are gonna be pog, although will they be the same as the debug spells? anywas lad i gotta go exterminate some wawsps

*grabs frizzx*

Wawsps: ah shit here we go again



Great update! it took me a while to find the new wawsp nests, but once I did it was thoroughly entertaining to go in and fight off the horde (and collect the cool prizes and the easter egg ;))

Take your time with the next update lad; a delayed game is eventually good, but a rushed game is forever bad. Thank you for your dedication though <3

ok poopa!

how do i get the update?

thank you mr fishlicka !


Well, this seems like quite the update, Fish! Nice work, man.

could you add more guns? like maybe a juice glock? or a juice flamethrower thats sets enemies on fire?  thanks for the update. i love it its hilarious lol


there is a flamethrower in the game


also help how do i update the game

you update the game by downloadingt the new version and deleting the old on

(6 edits) (+3)

Loving the new update, you're truly an inspiration!

The car feels so close to being perfect; I feel like if you adjusted the steering to be less sensitive, it'd  be perfect! my only major concern with it now is I tend to spin out every time I adjust my direction

Also, the wasp helmet is amazing. Gonna be wearing her all the time now ^w^


Update looks awesome, can't wait for future stuff :)


Thank you for the update as usual ;)


oh goodness you actually added the wasps, great update!



This update is really amazing I don't really have much else to say lol. Oh! maybe try not to chew more than you can handle or at least take breaks more often dudee

Also, opinions on the uhhh lol "gift" in the community??


its really bad :)