0.1.2 Juice Galaxy

We are Juice Galaxy now!

Name changes are always awkward but I feel much better moving forward with this in the long run. Yes, this does mean we are also going into space. But not for a long time, the sky is still made of plywood.

It's been some time since the last update. I've been working on a new area and a number of new things, not all of which are making it into this update. This update will include a number of physics/stats tweaks and a major update for melee weapons. They can grow now!

Blacksmith Hoagen wanders around outside the graveyard, and will upgrade/downgrade your weapon if you toss it to him. Bigger weapons take more energy to swing but come with some serious advantages when facing giant monsters and bosses.

I've tweaked the player's physics to greatly improve melee combat speed and stability. I think it finally feels good! Which is something I needed to do before continuing work on the Clog fight and other things.

Irresponsibly, I haven't kept up a changelog for this update :x so here is a list of some random changes that come to mind:

  • Juice Galaxy title animation improved, starry background when falling from school.
  • Blacksmith Hoagen can upgrade/downgrade your weapon. Weapon scale now actually saves when you die.
  • Larger weapons can be found further out in the wilderness.
  • Giant weapons maxAngularVelocity increased, you can hit REALLY hard with them.
  • Boss HP has been doubled.
  • Player HP regen is now scales on missing health, it is 6x stronger when you are almost dead.
  • Player max movespeed (when fully leveled) has been doubled. Ground stickiness increased so you don't trip.
  • Giant monster knockback scaling reduced so your weapon doesn't yoink you off the ground when you bop em.
  • Cars stop driving around when they die.
  • Numerous other tweaks and fixes that I don't remember right now.

I'll probably go through my Git history over the last two months (lool) and construct a proper changelog later, when I'm done with the current name transition.


Juice Galaxy 64-Bit 118 MB
Version 0.1.2 Sep 10, 2020
Juice Galaxy 32-Bit 115 MB
Version 0.1.2 Sep 10, 2020
Juice Galaxy Mac 115 MB
Version 0.1.2 Sep 10, 2020
Juice Galaxy Linux 64-Bit 119 MB
Version 0.1.2 Sep 10, 2020

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the whole galaxy?


You know what i think would be good for the game? 2 Things:

-A Wardrobe, for all the hats you get and whatever

-Making Vampire a skill that gets stronger as you progress throughout the game

(Or make Batty a NPC that helps level up Vampire)

Just a Idea, and i have more ideas as to how to make Vampire slightly cooler and better.

Either way, you're doing good.

If you ever release this on steam or ask a price for it on here , I would pay it.

I really really like this game.

When is the next update?

is the game limitless?

loving the game so far. will you eventually be able to fly into a new area such as space cos that would be sick!

Yep, it'll be quite awhile from now, but planetary exploration is definitely on my todo list.

hello, I am really glad that you have a new update. but one question, when I install this update unfortunately it is now considered as a different game and all previous progress is in the older versions. is there any way that I could link my data or there is no choice but to start fresh. BTW I would not be upset to start this over ;)

Hi! You can just copy your savefile from the Juice World folder to the new Juice Galaxy one. On windows they can be found under C:\Users\[your username]\AppData\LocalLow\Fishlicka, and on mac it should be something like: ~/Library/Application Support/Fishlicka



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So far the game is looking pretty smooth

keep up the good work ;)

i have a question though in the next version will you keep or implement the spoidah it felt kinda nice to have a creature thats actually rideable and friendly 

So will you keep the spoidah as a feature, just a debug cheat, or maybe redesign it to a completely different creature 

its okay if you don't answer good luck on the development 😁 


I actually threw him in by accident xD he's a little broken. I am going to make him better and make more goofy things like that.

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ah,okay that's nice

I've been trying to fight the creator and Ms.Slithers with the spoider it was really fun and chaotic to be honest 

Thanks for making this juicy game

(btw the spoider looks cute (•w•)

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amazing. i can't wait too explore juice galaxy

please make a secret juice planet made from juice and if you try to drink it all it takes like an hour because there is so much juice. because it's a planet made from juice. thanks for reading

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Yes, indeed

if the juice planets and galaxy is made of juice then i suppose i could achieve the one trillion JP i crave for by sucking the entire galaxy along with the juice queen 


i definetly know why you renamed it to juice galaxy


"Showing results for juice wrld" haha yeah.

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This update makes the game ignore saves made in previous versions, as I see that you also renamed the name of the game´s folder in Appdata folder, in Windows. As it doesn´t read files from the Juice World folder anymore.

I copied files from the old Juice World folder into Juice Galaxy in App data and save loaded. Don´t know if it breaks any things though.

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Things I've noticed that haven't been mentioned (I think):

  • Ms. Slithers says "My juicy alumni" during the fight
  • Ms. Slithers stays upright once you beat her
  • More planet thingies (maybe)?
  • Pressing "Shift" Makes a scary noise, but only sometimes
  • I think the color shift from getting damaged has been slowed down and lasts longer but I could be wrong about that
  • Weapons feel heavier when flying (they dangle good)

And that's all I think I noticed. Keep up the great work!


this game is one of the best things that happened in 2020


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Can't wait for the next update.