A downloadable thing for Windows

Warning: requires a decent video card for the physics simulation.

A prototype for a very simple yet enjoyable set of physics-based game mechanics.

Install instructions

Just unzip the file and run Schwing.exe.

Download the 64-Bit version if you are on a 64-Bit machine, or the 32-Bit version if not, or if you are not sure.


Schwing 32-Bit.zip 14 MB
Schwing 64-Bit.zip 16 MB

Development log


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i found some glitches in the game but the game was amazing

I love it x) surprised you could get into there. Love the minecraft idea, been thinking about adding something similar into a new game. Ty for playing!


It's pretty satisfying beating up fart monsters.

It was very interesting. I hope I get to see more


Hey any comments are more than welcome, I uploaded this to share and would like feedback if possible ^^

I will not rest until I discover where the "Are you a God?" voice sample comes from in Schwing

I wish I knew x) sorry

Could you tell me where you got the voice sample from?  My lead has gone dry :'(

I really don't know, I regret not keeping track. It's one of many random samples from tv shows, streams, memes and youtube that I keep in a folder I use for making random bad music.